Pet Care

Kennel Details

Privacy and Comfort

Your dog will not be warehoused with a large group of unfamiliar dogs, but will have their own private space for sleeping, eating and playing.

To calm those guests that are more anxious in new surroundings we have gentle music playing all day in order to mimic their home environment.

Our facility also offers numerous large, opening, secure windows, providing lots of natural light, allowing the constant circulation of healthy fresh air. In the winter months we have both forced air heating and overhead radiant heating to keep our guests comfortable all day and night. To keep them cool in the hot summer months we have overhead ceiling fans, a pressurized mister cooling system, an automatic temperature & humidity controlled air conditioner (Nest Building) and a portable air conditioner for the remainder of kennels.

Dog Kennels

16 private dog kennels

  • fully heated 25 square foot inside area with closing doggie doors for a cozy space in the evenings
  • elevated Kuranda beds and comfy cushions are provided for that little extra comfort on request.*
    *We would prefer our guests to bring their own bed or blanket*
  • extra large guests will receive the comfy cushion only in order to provide adequate walking space inside the kennel area
  • access all day long to 75 square feet of covered private outside run area that is fully secured from all other guests

8 private small-dog kennels

Our private small-dog kennels are suitable for small dogs or quite/shy dogs, and provide:

  • 4' x 4.5' private sleeping area including elevated Kuranda bed
  • 300 square foot indoor group play area

The Nest

A 600 square foot building with 7 indoor kennels.

  • 4 private kennels for little dogs - 16 square foot each (4' x 4')
  • 3 private kennels for quieter big dogs - 37 square foot each (8' x 4'6")
  • 350 square foot indoor play area that opens to a grass paddock

NOTE: this building will be used for busy overflow times only.

Cat Kennels

2 private cat kennels

  • 9 square feet of indoor kennel space to lounge, stretch their legs or do their "business"
  • comes complete with private litter box, raised bed area and bed cushion


Photo Gallery

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