Pet Care


Providing a healthy facility is a priority for us and for our guests!

We use only an eco-friendly product -  Rona Eco All Purpose Cleaner - in the kennel areas. On our guest bedding we use Kirkland Ultra Clean Laundry Detergent (no dyes or perfumes) ensuring that the kennel, bedding and cushions will not be harmful to our guests.

Kirkland Ultra Clean Detergent

Twice Daily Cleaning Schedule

We take special care to ensure that all our guest areas are clean and free of debris or hazards throughout their stay.

This includes an active cleaning schedule each morning and afternoon:

1. The indoor kennel is swept, beds are swept and cushions fluffed.

2. While the guests are in the play areas the outside the private spaces are hosed out (except during freezing weather) and allowed to dry prior to their return.

3. Play areas are also cleaned of any debris and feces prior to each guest.

Rona Eco - All Purpose CleanerSanitization Between Guests

Between guests, we fully sanitize both the indoor and outdoor areas providing a bacteria free environment while being eco-friendly and non-toxic to our guests. In addition, we only use stainless steel water and food containers each sanitized between guests.

Semi-Annual Full Kennel Sanitization

Finally, we close our doors twice each year for a few days so that we can power wash all guest areas with a mixture of water and a commercial grade cleaning product. We also spray a tick and flee solvent into each kennel/run area for that extra, extra cleaning. We ensure to allow each area to fully air dry before they are made available for guests.