Pet Care


Super Premium Dog Food

Super Premium Dog Food

If your food runs out, we can provide Kirkland Super Premium Adult Dog food made of  a lamb, rice and vegetable mix to our guests, for an additional cost of $3/day per dog.

Enriched with omega fatty acids and antioxidants, we've found that this brand and mix provides a healthy meal while not disturbing those of our guests that have a sensitive stomach or mild allergic reactions to changes in diet.

Fresh Water

An ample supply of water is also placed in each kennel and replaced with fresh water at each feeding.

Treats and Night Time Snacks

Treats are included as a part of our guest's accommodation cost.

Each night we tuck our guests in by closing up their doggie door, turning off music and lights and providing a light night time snack of milk bones, Denta Stix or rawhide chips. Those with special dietary needs will only be given treats provided by their owner.

Special Dietary Care

Personal Food Storage

We provide special air-tight food storage bins for large quantities of food, and individually marked baskets for each of guests for their own food, treats and toys.

Fridge and Freezer

We are equipped with a fridge for fresh food diets ensuring all food remains fresh, and a freezer to ensure all frozen food stays frozen until feeding time. We also make sure that all food is adequately labeled.